What to do in Montreal this Summer 2021 Fun activities for the family

5 Surprisingly Fun Things You Can Do in Montreal for Summer 2021

By: Estela Perez

Lifestyle and beauty blogger from Montreal

Are you wondering what to do in Montréal for summertime?

Want to have fun with your family, friends, or your special one in this lovely city?

Then you’re in the right place.

In this post I’ll share with you 5 surprisingly fun things you can do in Montréal this summer 2021.

Let’s get started!

Disclaimer: The places I recommend in this post are based on my experience and I’m not being paid to mention them.

What to Do in Montréal This Summer 2021?

5 Surprisingly Fun Things to Do

1. Strawberry Picking

Welcome the sunny season with a pleasant visit to a strawberry field.

Just imagine stepping into a fragrant field among the bright colours of nature and fill a basket with fresh, sweet and juicy strawberries. 🍓

The perfect fruit to make refreshing smoothies, delicious scones or a decadent chocolate fondue.

Where to go strawberry picking?

Although there are some fields you can go to, The Quinn Farm is known to be “The Mecca of Fruit Picking in Montréal.” And it’s no wonder: you can also do your blueberry, apple, corn, sunflower, and pumpkin picking, or even cut your Christmas tree in this place.

Plus, there’s an animal farm and rides for the little ones to enjoy.

Hurry! The strawberry picking season starts around mid-June and ends in the 1st week of July.

Check out their website to book an online reservation.

Where to go strawberry picking in Quebec
Photo by Estela Perez

2. Biking

According to The Copenhagenize Index 2019, Montréal is the 18th best biking city in the world.

By experience I can say that the cycling infrastructure in Montréal is indeed very impressive. Moreover, through biking you’ll get to discover the beauty of this city.

So take your family, friends or your special one to a fun bike ride this summer!

Where to go biking in Montreal 2021

Photo by Roxanne Desgagnes at Unsplash

Where can I go biking in Montréal? Here are my top 3 bike paths:


In this path, you’ll get to discover so many breathtaking Montréal spots in one bike ride of nearly 15 km. From the Old Port all the way to the Atwater market up until reaching the Rapids Park. My favorite one!


Host to the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada, this track is also used for cycling.

We love this place to do our bike rides, have lunch next to the river and enjoy the calmness of the place.

If you cycle this track, you’ll get to see lush gardens and enjoy the breathtaking overview of the St. Lawrence River.

Word of advice: For your safety and others’, check and respect the guidelines of this track. Professional bikers go really fast and forget the place is also for families.


Cycling the iconic Mont Royal is another bike ride I love. You get to see the splendid Lac aux Castors, the Chalet that offers a spectacular view of the city, and the Mont Royal Cross at the top of the mountain.

Get all the details of the Mont Royal biking paths.

3. Blueberry picking

Take your family to breathe the fresh air, snap fun pictures and fill a few baskets with delicious blueberries supercharged with antioxidants!

Where to go blueberry picking?

My favorite place to pick blueberries is the Domaine du Flanc du Sud, located at the South Shore of Montréal.

The blueberry picking season starts in mid-July and ends by mid-August.

Visit their website to for more details.

Where to go blueberry picking in Quebec
Photo: Estela Perez.

4. Outdoor Mini Golf

Treat your family to a mini golf session where everybody can play and have fun!

Where to play mini golf in Montréal?

My favorite place is the Cascades Golf, located at the South Shore of Montréal. This enchanting place is set out on a hill, and is surrounded by a small artificial lake, a stream and a waterfall.

Also, they have a small playground and an ice cream shop, yum! A lovely place to have fun with your friends or family for a couple of hours.

Get all the details on their website.

Where to play mini golf near Montreal and have fun with your family.
Photo: Estela Perez

5. Apple picking

Close the summertime with an apple picking day. This activity is now a tradition in my family because it’s fun, cheap and so good for the soul.

Read 4 great reasons why you should go apple picking!

It starts by the end of August and ends in mid-October. But since there’s a wide variety of apples, you have to check the orchards’ schedule if they have the one you’re interested in.

Where to go apple picking near Montreal
Photo: Estela Perez.

Where to go apple picking?

My favorite place is the St. Marc Orchard. It’s a small but charming place at St. Jean sur Richelieu, with beautiful miniature trees where you can pick juicy apples, breathe fresh air, and take fun pictures.

Plus, the owners are very nice, and their apple turnovers are scrumptious.

Strongly recommended!

TIP: wear closed shoes, because the floor is a bit electric.

3 Tips to Enjoy your visits

As businesses are slowly opening their doors again, the savvy thing to do is to plan ahead and be prepared.

  • Make a list of the places you’d like to visit and check their websites to see if you need to make a reservation, their schedules, fees and guidelines.
  • Check the weather. If it’s hot, bring bottles of water, sunscreen and a hat to cover your face from the sun. If it rains, wear boots and raincoats. Check out my summer beauty tips to look radiant.
  • Bring your camera to take a snap of your favorite moments.

Have a memorable summer!

There you have it, 5 fun things to do in Montréal this summer…with family, friends, your special one, or by yourself. I hope you liked these ideas.

Wishing you a great summertime,


Do you have more ideas for activities? Share them in the comments below!

What to do in Montreal this summer with your family?
Picture of Estela Perez

Estela Perez

Estela is a blogger from Montreal bringing you beauty and lifestyle tips to look radiant and feel great!

Picture of Estela Perez

Estela Perez

Estela is a blogger from Montreal bringing you beauty and lifestyle tips to look radiant and feel great!




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