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Hey, Beauty!

Do you wish to have a beautiful and healthy skin?
If so, then you’re in the right place!
At A Stellar You, we bring you natural skincare tips and resources so you can create your beauty!

Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger Montreal Canada A Stellar You

Hello, I'm Stella

The lifestyle & beauty blogger behind "A Stellar You", the new blog from Montreal. I'm so glad to see you here.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself:

I'm a mom, a Montreal-based blogger and copywriter with over 3 years of experience writing content for clients in the natural beauty industry.

As a skincare lover, I decided to combine my work experience and my passion to create this blog.

Here, you'll find fresh and useful tips to create your beauty inside out.

I hope you enjoy it!

Montreal Canada Blogger A Stellar You

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Your skin has a memory. In ten, twenty, thirty years from now, your skin will show the results of how it was treated today.
So treat it kindly and with respect.

want to collaborate?

A Stellar You is a Canadian lifestyle blog that empowers and inspires people to create their beauty inside out, by prioritizing wellness, confidence and self growth.

If your brand’s values resonate with ours, here’s how we can work together:

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Do you have a product or service that might interest our readers? Tell me about it so I can share how I can promote it on our blog or social media pages.

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Need a high quality article for your lifestyle, beauty or wellness blog? I can help! I have over 3 years of experience writing engaging and SEO optimized blog posts.

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Are you looking to grow your social media presence? Let's join forces and bring value to our audiences in a fun and useful way.

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